Booking Guidelines


We present eleven concerts a year on the first Saturday of the month (no concert in August). We primarily present acoustic music that could loosely fall in the “folk” category.

Our shows start at 7:30 with a 4 slot, 12 minutes each open mic set, followed by an intermission. The featured performer(s) start a single set between 8:30 & 9:00. The set lasts 65 to 70 minutes, including the encore. We do not present opening acts. 

We reserve four to five of our yearly concerts for Vermont musicians (part of our mission is to help keep our local music culture healthy). That leaves only six or seven concerts a year for musicians from out of state. Since some of those concerts are performers we've had previously, there are only three or  four shows a year for new performers from out of state. We receive many submissions for our in-state slots as well. Even though you may be an amazing performer, we may not have space in our schedule for you. Our season runs from September to July and we consider the flow of the season in choosing performers.

Before submitting to RCCH, please take a look at our home page and at past and future performers to see if you would be a good fit for our coffeehouse. 

Performers should contact Beth Duquette at  If you are submitting electronically, either an EPK (electronic press kit) or a link to a web site with full song samples, quality photographs and a succinctly written biography are good. We greatly prefer to see live performance videos to give us an idea of your show. We try to respond to submissions in a timely fashion, but because we are all volunteers with other obligations this is not always possible.

Admission to the coffeehouse is $10.00 general admission, $15 generous admission and $3 for children under 12. Economically disadvantaged pay what they can afford. People who are baking get in for free, as do the open-mike performers. Our featured performers are paid from the door receipts. We take $200 from the door receipts for our expenses and the remainder goes to the performers. We offer a guarantee. We also sell the performers' CDs and other merchandise, with all those proceeds going directly to the performers.

The community house can seat about 120 people. There are no alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed. There is no "Green Room", but a house belonging to one of the board members is less than half a mile away and is a place to relax, change, and often have dinner. We can also usually put up performers at a house of one of our community members.

We provide a small sound system with an experienced sound technician. Sound check is at 6:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made. We do not have a piano.